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Most Expensive . . .0

coffee maker, ever.

I recently wrote an article about the Xelsis, a cool little coffee maker that retails for around $3000.  I balked at the figure, though I realized that my bill at Starbucks was probably going to hit that amount eventually.

What I didn’t know was that there are even more expensive coffee makers out there.  Much more expensive.

Take the Siphon Bar, for example:

Apparently it takes months of training to operate this sucker.  It heats carafes of water (that look like scientific beakers) via halogen-powered burners.  When these hit the proper temperature, a second carafe is placed on top of each one.  After a bit, the heat forces water vapor into the grounds, which creates a coffee mud of sorts that is rapidly stirred with a bamboo paddle.  Finally, the brown liquid gold is siphoned back into the initial water carafe to make a fine cup of joe. 

You can buy one of these for your home—but be ready to spend $20,000. 

But, even with that price tag, the Siphon is not the most expensive coffee maker in the world.

That honor belongs to the Javabot.  As far as I can tell, these machines are not available for home use, existing only in shops owned by the Roasting Plant Coffee Company.

This machine apparently flows throughout the entire store—like veins in a human body. Mike Caswell, an industrial engineer, created the prototype of this ubër giant coffee machine in his basement—out of vacuum cleaner parts.  The idea was to have one machine that would provide every aspect of the coffee making process—from roasting the bean to pouring the cup of deliciousness.

I was unable to get the price tag of this incredibly cool machine—but I’m willing to bet it tops the Siphon.

I can safely say that my girlfriend and her Mom, being huge coffee aficionados, would love to have either of these machines.

But, with the economy being the way it is, looks like the ol’ Black & Decker SmartBrew  may have to do.

by John Barker

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