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What Would Batman Use?0

I’ve come to believe that  80% of the contents of Batman’s utility belt can be found online in the form of multi-tools.  I’ve covered several of these nifty items in the past – and here’s another.  And as before . . .well, hell,  I like it.  Call me a multi-tool junkie.

This is the Screwpop Tool,  a little 4-in-1 multi-tasker that fits right on your key chain.  And while it’s no Lil’ Guppie,  it still offers up some convenient features.

The first is quite obvious: screwdriver/hex wrench.  Without the driver tip (which is both a flat head and a Phillips), the end of the Screwpop acts as a ¼” hex nut driver.

But what makes this little sucker stand out is the built-in bottle opener.

While I’m no advocate of drinking and driving, I must admit wishing I had a handy bottle opener on me—particularly at the end of a long road trip.  Since the Screwpop is small enough to fit on a key chain (it is pretty much the size of a standard key), there’s no reason to ever be without the means to open a drink.  Even Batman would have no problem putting a Screwpop on his key chain—right next to the keys to the Batmobile (and Batboat, Batcycle, and Batcopter).

Even superheroes need to pop open a cold one now and then . . .

by John Barker

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