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Mom and Dad not home?  Nobody to make dinner for you?  Well, come on down to the FIY Robot Emporium and pick up a Motoman SDA10 Robot!

Okay, actually we don’t sell this robot.  It’s a prototype, designed by YASKAWA Electric Corporation to show the possibilities of robots in home and commercial applications.

Introduced in 2008 at the International Next-Generation Robot Fair in Osaka, Japan, the Motoman SDA10 is just under 5’ tall.  It has 15 joints, making it quite versatile for both kitchen and factory applications.

In the picture above, Motoman makes Okonomiyaki,  a  savory pancake that is a comfort soul food to the  Japanese, sort of like the fried chicken or meatloaf is to Americans. 

The Motoman uses speech recognition technology to take orders from customers.  Then, the robot is able to mix the batter, pour it into the pan, flip it, transfer  it to plate, and serve it with condiments.   Ingredients can include bacon, port, green onion, cheese, and a wide variety of vegetables.

Sounds like a perfect after school snack for the kiddies.   And I wouldn’t mind at all coming home from work and having some ready for dinner.

I’m sure it could be programmed to make other items such as omelets—or just plain ol’ pancakes with syrup.

Odds are good that stuff like this will show up in our houses within the next 20 years.  And I’m okay with that.  I’ll take some delicious Okonomiyaki for breakfast when I’m getting up waaaayyyy too early to contemplate cooking. 

Breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner – leave it to the Motoman.

by John Barker

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