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Cat Box Odors1


That’s Buster, my 20+ pound cat.  He’s quite floppy, very friendly, and eats a lot.  And, like any person (and yes, he’s like a little, fat, furry person), when he eats . . .  well, let’s just say that nature runs its course.

I have a litter box that is the size of a small trailer.  I scoop it regularly—but cat poop has its own particular brand of stench.  And though cat litter has come a long way, sometimes the resourceful cat owner needs to go a few steps farther.

So what do you do when your house smells like your cat has gone head to head with the Man-vs.-Food guy in a chili burrito eating competition?

Start with baking soda and disposable liners.  After a few rounds of scooping, I remove the whole thing and toss it in the trash.  After putting in a new liner, I dust the bottom with baking soda, then pour the litter on top.  You’d be surprised how much this helps.

But sometimes it is still not enough.  I found this great air freshener from Citrus Magic designed specifically to eliminate pet odors—and it works quite well for a few weeks.  I just put it on the bathroom counter across from Buster’s litter box.

I’ve read some suggestions that you can use car fresheners (you know… the little pine trees that dangle from your rear-view mirror) inside the litter box itself.  I wouldn’t recommend this.  Think about it for a sec.  Just sitting in the car with one of these things makes my eyes water.  Imagine something like this crammed into a litter box (even one the size of a small trailer!). That can’t be pleasant for the cat.

If cleaning the box, using baking soda, and employing an air freshener doesn’t work, you may need to look into your cat’s diet.  Or the poor little guy may have Giardiasis, an infection of the small intestine.  If that’s the case—time to pull out the ol’ wallet and take your furry buddy to the vet.

Avoiding that cat-poop-post-burrito-eating-competition stench is pretty easy overall.  It just takes a few minutes of your time and the ability to deal with . . .well . . . cat poop.  Just follow these few steps and your house will thank you.

Well, actually all of the people visiting your house will thank you.

by John Barker

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Comments / Discussion

  1. Sandra Simmons
    Being an afficionada on everything feline except the bouquet, I've had to empty my share of litter boxes in my lifetime. Historically, I've located the cat box in the loo beside the people facilities and left the fan on, lit candles (not votives :-) ), and invested heavily in air fresheners. How happy I was when my mechanical engineer spouse discovered an automated pooper scooper! It had an electric eye and a timer. When the cat does whatever in the litter box, he interrupts the little light beam/electric eye and a timer causes the scooping contraption to activate several minutes later. It whirrs and travels the length of the box like one of those giant horizontal cranes at the shipyard, only this one rakes up clumps of pee and poo and deposits them in a plastic bag in a bin at the opposite end. It returns round trip to the far end on completion. The cat was fascinated and frequently would watch the entire cycle on completion of his appointed rounds. Sometimes he would feel the needs to try try again before activation, but the timer resets each time the electric eye is activated--so kitty cannot be trapped or otherwise traumatized. Yours-truly only has to lift out the plastic bag as necessary and deposit it in the trash where the stench becomes somebody else's concern. I'd tell you the brand, but I don't have it any more 'cause I don't currently have a cat. My tom cat, Cheetoh, disappeared in November and I haven't been able to consider having another without sobbing. I wish they made these machines in sizes big enough for barn stalls. If you think cats require upkeep, just think about manually shoveling hundreds of pounds of horse manure on a daily basis. SS
    September 24, 2010 at 5:55 pm | Permalink
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