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Fixing the Roof0

I’ve been on my share of roofs.  Roofing is hard work, and something that many of us strive to avoid.  Even hardcore FIYers sometimes have to call in the pros.

The last time I had my roof repaired, the guys making the big bucks stuck a 300+ pound giant of a man on my roof.  A little 95 pound guy stayed on the truck and loaded the stacks of shingles onto the conveyor belt that ran up to the giant, who then lumbered about the roof placing them in strategic locations to be installed the following day.

The giant fell through my office.  Twice.  Just his right leg, but still . . . It’s quite distracting when you’re trying to work.

So, while roofing is tough work and the pros are tempting, there’s also something to be said about fixing a the damn roof by yourself.  So, it’s good to know a little bit about what you’re getting into.

Here’s an excellent video from that  follows the entire installation process of a slate roof.


This second video involves fixing a leak—and by the looks of it, this won’t be the only leak on this roof that this guy will be tending to:

This final video, this is my idea of what fixing the roof ought to look like:

Unfortunately, I’d be the guy at the end . . .

by John Barker

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