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Look to the Light0

Want to turn your house into something out of a 1960s James Bond  movie?  If so, I think these would do the trick:


That blobby looking structure hanging over the furniture is an Ameba Light. Composed of five differently shaped modular components, Ameba Lights can be configured as large or as small as you wish.


Designed by Pete Sans for Vibia, the Ameba comes in granite gray or matte white.  The sections are designed to connect together so that only one is needed to power the entire light.  That means only one power supply is needed, for anything from one 30×50 cm pendant light to a massive 10 meters squared lighting structure.


The light is diffused and emerges from both the top and the bottom of the components which creates mild, indirect illumination.  And given the size of light that you can create out of these devices, that’s a good thing.  If it wasn’t designed this way, some evil super-villain could build his own Sun.

In digging around, I found that these things are insanely expensive (anywhere from $800 to $1800 per piece—that’s just a rough estimate).  Given that I’m eating a lot of Ramen noodles right now, I don’t see my house looking like something from a James Bond flick anytime in the near future.

by John Barker

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