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Tool Tip: Rollerwall0

Wallpaper looks nice, but it’s such a complete pain. There’s that sticky stuff that never seems to leave your hands or clothes, and the strips of paper that stick to the floor, the furniture and the cat. Paint is usually a lot easier, but doesn’t pack the same decorative punch.

 Using the sponge-paint method provides a bit of texture, but it’s not a project for impatient DIYers — or ones with weak backs.

Instead, Rollerwall rolls the two deco superpowers into one format (literally). This nifty product uses a process called WallPrinting, which consists of a pattern roller and an applicator that has a special foam feeder roller.


If you aren’t an Operation champion (“it takes a very steady hand…”), you might have a hard time matching up the patterns precisely. Don’t even get me started on the nooks, crannies and crevices. However, the Rollerwall people say that the device has a laser guide to help out and the system is virtually idiot-proof. That sounds like a challenge!

That said, your shaky hand could turn out to be something truly creative. Rollerwall even encourages those mistakes, displaying them as unique masterpieces.  In the photo above, Rollerwall gives some interest to closet doors as an accent to solid wall. 

There are lots and lots of patterns to choose from.   Can you see this one on the wall of a man cave? 


This one in the powder room?   

This one - I don’t know, the psychedelic teen’s room? What do you think?   

Each pattern sells for $59, with the applicators costing another $19.95. 

Go crazy!

by Rachel Cericola

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