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When I did a big renovation on my house a couple of years ago (OK, I didn’t really do it as in DIY, I just paid for it – am I allowed to say that on a blog like this?), I fell in love with all the rock and glass tile that is available these days.   One of my biggest splurges were these gray glass pebbles on one small wall in the master bathroom. 

But I do have to say, I was not thrilled with how my contractor installed them. I think they are “over-grouted” which takes away from some of the pebbly look they offer.  My guy wasn’t a “tile guy” and I don’t think he had enough experience with all the new shapes and profiles in modern tile. 

This blog article at Design For Less, talks about grouting with “standing pebble tile,”  which is not the same as what I have, but it reminds me that tile is really a speciality these days.   And standing pebble tile is cool. 

Flat vs Standing Pebble Tile

Turns out Design Sponge was also thinking about tile this week and put together a nice list of tile resources.  She hates the grey tile her in bathroom, but I love the grey tile in mine.  Oh well. She probably has better taste.

But maybe not – she didn’t mention one of my true loves:  Natalie Blake, a ceramic tile artist in Vermont whose designs are hand carved and feature undulating ripples that turn a flat surface into a 3D sculpture on your wall.  On their blog, you can watch custom orders as they develop, see them before glazing and afterwards, and then hanging on the wall in their new homes. 

But if not Natalie Blake or Design Sponge beauty, how about Satan in the bathroom tile?  Respectful Insolence points the finger at a family in Budapest who claims it to be so.

Looking for a little bit of step-by-step tiling instruction?  Joe Keegan at Home Restoration is full of good renovation advice, and last January, he put subway tile in the master bathroom shower.   Take a look – you’ll be inspired. 

And here’s what not to do with bathroom tile:

But we can’t end the week with such a terrible image, so take a peak at the bathroom remodel at Young House Love where everything is beautiful and cheap, full of life and full of passion. 

And here’s an article at this Old House about how to hire a tiling contractor where I should have started with my tile project. 

Happy weekend!

by Lisa Oram  

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