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To Shred or not to Shred?0

Tossing half-eaten food into the garbage disposal or into the trash is a waste.  We were all taught this as kids, right?  Remember Mom pointing to your barely touched beets and saying, “What about all of the starving children in (insert country of choice here)?”

Gail Colo took these words to heart.  As an avid gardener, she realized she was tossing tons of potential plant food down the disposal.  After trying some commercially available compost makers, she was still not satisfied.

So she created her own:

She named it the Keiro, which means “to shred” in Greek.  This compact grinder (W 9.8″ x D 6″ x H 13.75″) is made of a sustainably produced bio-resin compound.  And it’s easy to use.  Simply throw your leftovers (minus the bones, I suspect) into the Keiro, crank the handle, and . . . ta-da!  Plant food.

The underside of the Kiero’s lid is designed to push food down into the grinder.  The grinding mechanism itself is made of dishwasher safe stainless steel.  A replaceable filter system keeps things from getting all stinky. 

According to Colo, her device has reduced the volume of her kitchen waste by 80%!  Think of how much landfill space that is!

The Kiero is available for pre-sale at Quirky for $79.00.

by John Barker

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