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Tool Tip: Chainsaw with a Brain0

This is the Husqvarna 576 XP AutoTune —the world’s first smart chainsaw.

It sports many features, including felling marks (which help to aim the direction of timber fall), a magnesium crankcase, ergonomic handles, and a centrifugal air cleaning system.  It also utilizes X-Torq®, a patented system that saves fuel and creates lower exhaust emission levels.  To further augment fuel use, the 576 XP also has an oil pump that can adjust flow based on weather conditions and what type of labor you’re using the saw for.

The feature I like best is the ability to keep itself tuned via a sensor that gauges conditions such as outside temperature and internal airflow.  The sensor checks these conditions every eight rotations and uses the data to adjust the engine’s fuel/air mix.  As a result, there is less user maintenance required to keep the chainsaw in optimal working condition.

It’s a little hard on the wallet, however: $860.  But if you’re planning on doing some serious tree chopping, this is the chainsaw you want.

Now if only the  chainsaw blade was smart enough to  take itself to the nearest hardware store when it needs to be sharpened . . .

by John Barker

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