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In the Kitchen with Kids0

If you’re  flipping pancakes with kids on this Sunday morning, I bet you wish you had one of these: 


Meet Hermann the Spatula, a Meyer Design product for the German company, Koziol.

With the proliferation of cooking shows on television these days, it’s safe to say that kids are becoming a little more food-savvy, and specialty products for kiddie cooks are probably a very good business strategy. 

Hermann comes in a bunch of fun colors (orange, white, black, and green) and looks perpetually happy.   The little tongue sticking out of the “mouth” is a specially designed hook bar to allow for easy hanging when not in use.

And Hermann has friends.

When not on duty, Hermann can hang out with Donna the strainer and Oliver the stirring spoon.

Aside from the happy face and tongue, the design of these isn’t particularly revolutionary.  They don’t perform any better or any worse than other similar kitchen tools.  But they do have the advantage of looking like toys.  And that’s the kind of thing that will get a kid into the kitchen to start playing around with cooking.

I don’t know about all you other FIYers out there, but I think it would be nice for the kids to cook dinner for a change.

by John Barker

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