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A Waterfall in Your Bathroom0

How do you make a washbasin without a basin?  You fashion it after a beautiful waterfall, that’s how.

This is the Abisko Waterfall Basin, inspired by the Abisko Waterfall in Sweden’s Abisko National Park.

Designers Johan Kauppi and Lars Sundström of Eumar, a Swedish bathroom fixtures firm, have created  an oddly beautiful way to wash hands.  Their innovative design allows water to flow in a natural manner and empty into a grill in the floor. 

Instead of utilizing invisible pipes in the wall as most sinks do, this open design allows you to physically see how much water you use.  The goal is to increase awareness in the fact that fresh water is a limited resource.  On the Eumar web site, it states, “ . . . (water) is an exclusive product of nature that should not be accumulated in big tubs.”  Hence, there is no bowl.

Made of cast marble, a substance manufactured from marble powder and a synthetic binding agent,  the Abisko is much sturdier than basins made of real marble – and also less expensive.  Cast marble is environmentally friendly and extremely easy to maintain as well.

While I can’t help but admire the design, it looks like a miniature flume ride to me.  I couldn’t find any pricing information, but I’ll bet it costs more than a ticket to any water park . . .

by John Barker

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