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Outta the Gutters0

I find cleaning gutters an annoying task.  Not difficult.  Not stressful.  Just plain annoying.

Set up ladder.  Climb up ladder.  Scrape gutter.  Climb down ladder.  Move ladder.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

The Looj from iRobot purportedly does much of the annoying gutter cleaning for you.

While it looks like a cross between a tractor and a hand vacuum, the Looj is actually a remote controlled robot with a propeller designed to throw gunk out of gutters.  Just imagine—you place the robot in the gutter, then sit back (up to 75-feet back, to be precise) and remotely pilot the Looj while enjoying a nice, frosty beverage.

Apparently this little sucker can plow through 80 feet of gutter in just minutes.  It even attaches to your belt to make climbing the ladder (that one time for each gutter) easy.

But does it work?

Leave it to Consumer Reports to find out:

Bummer.  It’s a great idea—but the implementation looks kind of awkward.  It’s easy to see how the Looj could get stuck.

We may do better by getting the GutterMonster, a device that prevents much of the gutter-gunk-gathering in the first place . . .

by John Barker

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