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In looking over some of my previous posts, it has become apparent that I hate bugs.  And wasps are no exception.  I’ve been stung a ridiculous number of times—all from random wasps flying around with no nest in sight.  But when you encounter a wasp’s nest, how do you get rid of it without getting attacked?

There are a few steps you should take before going into battle.

First, it you are allergic to wasps, stop reading right now.  Call in the professionals, then sit back and watch.  No use trying to outwit a wasp who can kill you without even trying. 

Next, choose your weapon.  There are many commercial sprays on the market that will do the trick, though they are toxic not only to the wasps, but also to you and your pets.

If you are so inclined, there are safer ways to combat these little beasts than toxic spays.

  1. Fire:  Build a fire in your grill and place it under the nest.  The resulting smoke will run the wasps out.  This is my favorite method.
  2. Boiling water:  Place a bucket of boiling water beneath the nest.  Using a long stick, knock the nest into the water.  Then use a couple of shorter sticks to break the nest apart.  The wasps will drown and the larvae will be destroyed.  However, this method requires a back-up man with bug spray on hand.  If any wasps escape, they’ll be angry, and your back-up guy will be called to action.  This method is not for the faint of heart. 
  3. Spray adhesive:  Spray tons of this stuff over the exit hole of the nest.   Wasps that are leaving the nest will get stuck, clog the hole, and make it difficult (if not impossible) for returning wasps to enter.  As wasps don’t eat their dead (like bees), this renders the nest useless.

I don’t have to say “Be careful,” do I?

One final tip: when going into battle it is important to wear armor.  In this case, there’s no need to encase yourself in plate mail, but I do suggest wearing multiple layers of clothing so the little buggers can’t sting you. If you end up resorting to poison, you will also be protected by the thick clothing.

Oh, yeah.  Also be ready to run like hell.  These things don’t like being messed with and will come after you.

I wouldn’t recommend the method used by this guy:

 by John Barker

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