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Fun at the Pool0

We are looking to buy a new house.  As I type this, the loan guy is sitting in our current living room going over figures with my girlfriend concerning the purchase of a house with a really nice pool.

I’m not sure I want to own a pool with my house.  They’re a lot of work, plus, well, this: 

While some of these incidents look like they hurt like hell, others are just plain funny.  And yes, I’m guilty of doing at least one of these stunts.  I’m not saying which one, but it did involve a water slide and my head. . .

Next we have an idiot.  Really, truly an idiot.  This video plays to not one, but two of my own personal horrors: drowning and smothering.  Don’t fret, though, he doesn’t drown . . .

At least he didn’t sink all of the way into the cover, then flounder around and die all while his friend shot video instead of helping save him.

So, I guess when all is said and done, I’d like this kind of pool best: 

Designed by Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich for the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan, I’d take one of these  just so I can sit on the bottom and drink beer.

Will we get our house?  Will it have a pool, a fake pool, or a bucket and some beer?  I’ll keep you posted.

by John Barker

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