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Warp Speed Pizza Cutter0

Pizza cutters make sense.  Not only do they cut pizza, but they can also slice through all sorts of bread, deli meats, and softer fruits.  But they do it without style . . . James T. Kirk’s style, that is:


Yep.  That’s a Star Trek Pizza Cutter made specifically for fun gadget site ThinkGeek.  Modeled after the original Enterprise 1701 design, the body is a solid zinc-alloy with chromium plating, while the 4-inch blade is made of laser etched stainless steel.  The total length comes to 8.5 inches of Federation pizza cutting awesomeness. 

And while this pizza cutter is practical, it is also a licensed collectible and looks just plain pretty in its padded box:


My only concern involves the handle design.  It doesn’t seem like it could deal with a lot of pressure, given that you’re mainly gonna be gripping little metal versions of the warp nacelles.  I’d be afraid of bending them, particularly while photon torpedoing a Chicago-style deep-dish with extra cheese and pepperoni.

But these guys don’t seem to have a problem with that:

I’m not sure why they blow up the Death Star . . .  That’s Star Wars, after all. 

But it looks like the Star Trek Pizza Cutter cuts pizza at warp speed!

by John Barker

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