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Instant Man Cave0

Attention all MEN!  The following image may lead to your own, personal nirvana:

That, my friends, is a basic man cave.  But it is special—because it’s not a room inside your house.

It’s a freestanding little slice of heaven.  This is the Instant Man Cave, and it comes in two models—Base and Deluxe.  Both models are 12’x 20’, though other sizes are available upon request.

The Base model includes everything the price-conscious man needs to escape responsibility, including pre-installed co-ax cable, 2 shelves, a storage box with two bench seats, two windows with screens, and—most importantly—a bar, complete with a footrest.  The flooring is vinyl with a wood grain finish and the entrance is a steel house door with a window.  A bit of work is required to finish assembly of the Base model (insulation and running electric wiring, for example).  This little sucker goes for $4995.

Then you have the Deluxe model, which includes all of the above plus a collapsible table, a built-in trophy case, insulation, three shelves, electric wiring, and a tongue & groove pine finished interior.  And it is already built for you—no assembly required.  But it’s also a bit more expensive: $8,495.

I love this idea.  It’s less expensive than converting your basement (since I’m in Florida, basements are a very rare thing) and offers a lot of room for personalization.  I’m picturing a big-screen TV, networked computers for gaming, and a ‘fridge full of beer in mine…

by John Barker

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