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Toilet Trouble0

My house has some funky water—possibly due to old, rusty pipes, though it might just be the area I live in.  It takes no time at all for a nasty, red-brown film to build up inside my toilet bowl.  And before you think about it – no, I don’t have anything to do with the brownish film.  It IS the water . . . though there was that one morning after the taco eating contest.

Yeah, yeah.  That was gross.  Let just move along . . .


The Kaboom Never Scrub claims to remove hard water, rust, and toilet grime from the toilet bowl, without any scrubbing (obviously, due to the name).  It’s a little device with replaceable cartridges that can be easily installed in the tank of your toilet.

The late Billy Mays pitched this item here:

Does it work?  Reviews of Kaboom Never Scrub are generally positive.  A majority of buyers are happy with the overall effectiveness of cleaning without scrubbing.

But there does appear to be a design flaw: it can cause flooding due to the failure of a rubber gasket in the device.  The easiest fix is to use simple plumber’s thread and tape up the leaky seal when a problem occurs.

Is it worth flooding my bathroom so that my toilet bowl remains clean without scrubbing?  I’m on the fence on this one.  The product apparently works – but if I have to keep an eye on it –  well, I’m just not sure.

Anyone out there had an experience with Kaboom?

by John Barker

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