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If your home is anything like mine,  you have a bathroom that’s about the size of a phone booth.  For those of you too young to know what a phonebooth is,  just picture a coffin with a phone in it. Now for the bathroom image,  simply replace the phone with a toilet, sink, and shower, and you get the idea.

Caroma, an Australian bathroom fixtures design company, has come up with a solution to the space problem in a tiny bathroom:  the Profile 5 Toilet Suite:


Putting the sink on top of the toilet (rather like the drinking fountain/sink/toilet combo used in prison holding cells—don’t ask me how I know that) not only saves space, but also maximizes water usage.

Utilizing an integrated dual-flush push button and a unique spout, the Profile 5 is designed to save water.  When you’re done using the toilet, the fresh water from the sink faucet pours down into the cistern.  So, as you wash your hands, you’re also filling up the toilet for the next flush.

But, as usual, saving environmental resources always costs a bit more than you would expect.  In this case, the Profile 5 runs a hefty $1069.  That’s around $790 more than the American Standard Champion 4  (which cracks me up as the name of a toilet, by the way—I feel like a champion ‘cause I took a dookie!!!).

Still, if you’re in need of space and environmentally conscious, this is a sound—and well designed—investment.

by John Barker

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