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Is It Snowing Yet?0

Winter is coming.  And, depending on where you live, snow is inevitable.  I’ve been lucky in this respect; it rarely snows in Florida (believe it or not, it has snowed a few times in The Sunshine State—but it usually melts upon hitting the ground).

My experiences with snow are primarily related to business trips to Pennsylvania and Michigan.  And I went through enough to know that I wouldn’t want to live in those states during the winter. 

I find snow to be a pain in the ass, mainly because of all of the work it takes just to start your day – like starting your car half an hour early just to warm it up.  Or scraping the windshield just to be able to see.  Or shoveling your driveway just to get to the car in the first place.

Which brings me to the I-Shovel.  This robot has a three-foot-wide shovel that can plow through snow up to one-inch deep.  Fourteen-inch wheels propel the robot— and it operates independently by automatically detecting snow accumulated in the driveway.  When it detects enough snow, it comes to life and starts shoveling.

Rechargeable batteries (with optional solar recharging accessory) power the I-Shovel which creates no emissions or noise pollution.  Take that, snow blower.

This product is not yet available.  But I say, the I-Shovel looks to be a great little device,  and they are looking for investors (hint, hint).  It has already snowed in Vermont and North Dakota, and where there were tornadoes yesterday, it will be white and flaky before you know it . . .

by John Barker

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