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House Hunting0

House hunting is a chore.  It can also be fun and exciting, but it takes a lot of time, and there can be some frustrating moments. 

My girlfriend and I just went through a typical house-hunting scenario:   we made an offer, they made a counter-offer, we counter-offered their counter-offer . . . and then the owner got a bit greedy.  Basically, the owner wanted roughly $20,000 more than the house was worth; it needed a new roof, a whole-new A/C system, and a new circuit breaker.  That’s a lot of money that we didn’t have – and sadly, at the price the owner is looking for, these issues will insure that the house stays on the market for a long time.

But, I can say that our house hunting experiences are not as bad as some . . .

This first video comes in two parts.  Starring Paul Rudd and Zooey Deschanel, it is entitled (aptly enough) House Hunting.  And it made me realize how happy I am with our realtor.  Be aware that it’s not for the kiddies.



This next video comes from the BBC television show Spine Chillers.  It involves the two main characters (both Goths) endeavoring to rent a flat:

And lastly, for a more a more whimsical look at house-hunting, but one that is still quite grim, check out this clip from the Cartoon Network’s great little show Adventuretime

So I’m kind’a okay with the few problems my girlfriend and I have run into while house hunting.  At least it hasn’t involved manic realtors, lying creepy Goth landlords, or magical monsters.  That gives me hope that we’ll be in a new place soon.

by John Barker

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