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He said, She said1

A shelf  in the kitchen. Sometimes the littlest things can make a big difference.  

kitchen shelf

photo from door 16

Door 16:   In this post at Door 16, Anna says where she got this cute little shelf (any guesses before you go over and look?)  and how she put it up!  Lots of other great stuff, too, on her blog about  the 1885 Victorian row house she’s been renovating since 2006.  

1900 Farmhouse:  Joe in Portland, OR has been remodeling a 1900 farmhouse since 1995.  He is talking about all his projects, one by one, including the most recent:  installing an exhaust fan and putting up insulation.  Great detail in the photos at 1900 Farmhouse.

The Brick House:  Some remodeling is just rearranging, after all.  And Craig’s List. And a “shiny new hernia.”  

First Time Fancy:  Kerry just started a new feature she calls  ”Perfectly Imperfect.”  Instead of always looking at beautiful, perfect rooms on blogs, she says it’s refreshing and more honest to sometimes see the more real-life side of our homes, too.  I agree. 

photo from First Time Fancy

And lastly, how about remodeling for a good cause?  Not a blog, but this article from the Knox News  is about falling through the cracks and how a volunteer construction crew fixed it. 

 Demario Cornelius looks at his remodeled bathroom, which features a wheelchair accessible shower at his home in East Knoxville on Wednesday. Cornelius has not been able to take a proper shower since he was injured two years ago.

by Lisa Oram

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  1. Kerry
    Thanks for the mention and for stopping by to leave a comment! The positive response I've had on this feature is fantastic! Hope you have a great weekend!
    October 29, 2010 at 1:29 pm | Permalink
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