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Monthly Archives: November 2010

House on the Waterfront0

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen:

How to Lock Paver Joints with Polymer Sand0

I recall a corny old poem about shifting sand, but I always thought the pavers were what shifted in dry-laid walks.  I even listened when the pros said, “Stabilize your dry-laid pavers with sand joints!”  What happens when it’s the sand that shifts?

Piglet Bank0

I have some eclectic friends.  And they occasionally send me links to stuff that I could have never dreamed up on my own.  I have to thank my long-time buddy Obee for this one:  

Why Cranes are Dangerous0

It may have felt like you took your life into your own hands while battling the crowds in the stores yesterday,  but let’s just say, it probably wasn’t as dangerous as driving a crane. There’s a reason why only trained individuals should operate those things. Some cranes are taller than city buildings and can wreak a path [...]

Gift Guide: Tool Sets0

Unlike getting a vacuum cleaner for Christmas,  tool kits are a practical – and welcome – gift for the budding Fix-It-Yourself-er, the new homeowner, and the seasoned handyperson, too.  A tool set, with its neat array of shiny gadgets suited to a wide variety of projects is an invitation to self-reliance, creativity, and saving money.  What’s [...]

How NOT to Deep Fry a Turkey0

I’ve lost track of how many turkeys I’ve deep-fried in my past.  Probably around 30 or so.  But I did my research first.  There are several precautions that are necessary when lowering something the size of two bowling balls into a cauldron of super-heated fluid.   And some serious consequences when you do it wrong. 

Turkey and All the Fixin’s0

    Best holiday wishes from all of us to all of you! 

Need an Extra Washing Machine?1

Having visitors this week for Thanksgiving?  A big dinner or a few overnight houseguests will mean extra laundry.  And who wants to spend a holiday weekend doing laundry?  Especially after you’ve already spent most of the week cooking! Sevin Coskun, a designer from Turkey, figured out how to slip an extra washer into your home – and maybe even encourage your guests [...]

Tools Then and Now: Engraver0

Doesn’t this look like an antiquated torture device?  That clamp-like thing over the table could secure someone’s neck or wrist and that handle thingy on the top could be slammed down into some vulnerable body part and do . . . I dunno. . . something really gory. Is it just me - or do you see that, too? 


OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode—a little innovation that changes the way future televisions will be made. Let’s start with the obvious.  Just look at how thin these televisions are:

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