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Survival – Not the TV Show0

The worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life was in 1992.  The damage wreaked upon Homestead, Florida by hurricane David defies description.  To say that the town had been reduced to a third world country would be an understatement.  Open sewerage; families wandering zombie-like through the refuse that was once their homes; gangs of armed thugs roaming desolate streets, blatantly taunting the military forces dispatched to the disaster area. . .

These images are locked in my mind, unconsciously influencing my point-of-view when it comes to certain things.  And one of these things is survival equipment – like the SteriPEN® Sidewinder.

While initially designed for camping, the Sidewinder is a great device to have if you live in an area where drinking water can be compromised by a natural disaster.  A hand-powered, battery-free water purifier, this device utilizes  an ultra-violet system that eliminates waterborne bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Here it is in action:

The Sidewinder comes with a one-liter Tritan™ BPA-free bottle and a SteriPEN® Pre-Filter (used before treatment if the water contains gunk in it).

Like a fire extinguisher, the SteriPEN® Sidewinder is a device that should be in every household—particularly those located in hurricane, tornado, and earthquake zones.  You will never have to be without potable water for days. 

And for the record: it’s happened to me three times.

by John Barker

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