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Certain tools sort’a scare me.  This is one of them—but only because I’m not good with sharp, motorized things.  I’ve already mentioned in another article how I almost took my leg off with a chainsaw . . .

This is the RipCart, a portable wheeled platform that allows you to strap your circular saw into it then push it around.  In the right hands, this is quite a cool device (though in my hands, it would be like some sort of crazed death engine—toes flying all over the place).

All kidding aside, this is a handy device, particularly when used in roofing.

Designed to tear multiple layers of shingles from a roof, the RipCart is quite a unique innovation.  Because the circular saw is attached to the wheeled base, shingles can be cut in a pattern, reducing them into squared-off sections that are easily disposable.  This eliminates a lot of the random debris formed during shingle tear-off, making cleanup of the work area much faster.

Here it is in action on a sloped roof:

And it folds up for easy storage as well…

I gotta admit: the RipCart looks pretty efficient.  At $500, it doesn’t inlcude include the saw – or the hospital bills.

Some of you are gonna love having the RipCart in your tool inventory.

Me?  Well, I like my toes.

by John Barker

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