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Light for Life0

Many years ago I heard a story about researchers discovering how to make an automobile tire that wouldn’t wear out.  I recall thinking that this was the greatest boon to society and the environment that I’d heard of in years.

Then the story simply vanished, possibly assassinated by a giant industry that needs people pay butt-loads of cash for a product that suffers from wear-and-tear.

With that in mind, here is a product that I hope not only lives up to its hype, but won’t be quietly silenced: the Nokero Solar Light Bulb .

This product makes sense.  Made of impact-resistant plastic, these lights carry four solar panels and a NiMH rechargeable battery.  Five LEDs create the illumination.  And, all in the size of a regular old light bulb.

Designed to replace kerosene lamps, this bulb can generate two hours of light per daily charge.  In addition to making it easier to see around the ol’ camper, 1.6 billion people around the world still rely on burning fuel for light, which is dangerous and expensive, and environmentally unsound.    

From my standpoint, the Nokero bulb would absolutely rock during the many Florida storm days when the electricity gets wiped out.  I’ve been through hurricanes where I sat for days in candle-lit rooms, drinking warm beer and eating sandwiches of stale bread and frighteningly melted cheese.

At least with these lights I’d be able to see what I was eating.

See.  Even the bull is happy that he can see what he’s eating. 

I’m stocking up, and I’m going to keep them right next to my Sidewinder

by John Barker

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