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Water Buffalo0

Pool owners, this one is for you. 

And animal lovers, you, too.

In case you missed it last week, in Cleveland, Georgia, on the morning of October 26, 2010, Chris Nonnemaker and his wife noticed a couple of holes poked in their pool cover.  Upon further investigation, they found this:

I suppose you could call this a “water buffalo.”

Apparently the buffalo had escaped (with two others) from a neighboring home a few weeks before.  Did you know there are buffalo roaming aimlessly throughout Georgia?  Not me?   I tend to picture these noble creatures as running in massive herds like in Dances With Wolves.

So, what do you do when there’s a giant mammal stuck in your pool?  You call the cops—then you do this:

This story ends on a sad note.  For some reason, the owners of the buffalo put it down shortly after this event.  From what I can find, they were afraid that it would hurt somebody.  Um. . . what?  It was just cooling itself in a pool.

If it had been a tiger that had developed a taste for human flesh?  Well, I can understand the logic there.  But the equivalent of a large cow?  When is the last time a cow developed a taste for human flesh?

For more information, check out this article.

by John Barker

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