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Too Hot To Handle?1

One of the many titles I hold right now is Lunch Lady.  And yes, I’m a guy.  But it can’t be helped.  I cook, with one other guy (who is a superhero in my eyes—he’s faster than The Flash), for roughly 350 students who are spread out over three charter schools.

I burn myself—a lot.

I also cook at home, where I consistently burn myself as well.  I’m clumsy; what can I say?

So when I see something that can potentially lessen my pain, I take notice.  And when it’s as silly as the BananaHandle , it really makes my day.

I have to hand it to Fred, of Fred & Friends, for consistently coming up with innovative twists on existing products.  Able to withstand temperatures of up to roughly 440 degrees, the BananaHandle protects the delicate fingers of careless and hurrying chefs – with a little bit of monkey-business appeal.

However, it doesn’t fit over all skillet handles.  According to reviews, the peel slips off of cast iron skillets 10 inches and above.   It is a banana peel, after all.  What would you expect?

In general, the reviews are quite positive.  And for less than $7 at Amazon, this is a safety product to go ape over.   

by John Barker

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Comments / Discussion

  1. ethan@OPC
    I love that it's a banana! Very cool product.
    November 9, 2010 at 3:24 pm | Permalink
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