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Spin the Wheel and Store those CDs0

I have a lot of CDs.  So many, in fact, that I’ve had to start storing them in those large, bulky CD books – the kind that look sort of like photo albums, but weigh in at around 80 pounds.  And while these are okay to have on a road-trip (even if they crush your thighs while driving around and digging for a specific CD), they aren’t that pleasing around the house.

Designer Pascal Bauer found an elegant, and effective, solution to CD storage:  the CD Roll.

Kind of like a roulette wheel minus the numbers and huge money loss, this thing is practical and attractive. Spin the wheel, grab your choice of CD, and sit back to relax.  Comes in three sizes:  one for 60 CDs, one  for 90, and one for 120. 

The CD Roll is made of  anodized turned sheet aluminum in a steel frame designed to hold it securely it to the wall.  CDs in large numbers aren’t light – remember the 80 pound photo album?  Spin the wheel, pull out your CD of choice, sit back and relax. 

Designed in 1998, but no pricing available –  I wonder why this hasn’t gone into production?   It makes sense, it’s cool to look at, and it would keep me from tripping over all those 80 pound CD books I have strewn over the floor. .  .

Does anyone know where to get one of these? 

by John Barker

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