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Tool Tip: Studfinder1

Ah, studs – how I long for you, elusive pillars of security lurking within my wall. How much I want to find you, to hang stuff on you, to bolt things to you. And yet, you avoid me.

Why must you be this way? Ear pressed to the wall, I tap it incessantly, seeking your hidden call. Drywall dust from failed screwnail attempts sprinkles my sneakers; a bookshelf of photos looks mockingly up from the floor, waiting for its place on the wall.

Well, studs, you elude me no longer, thanks to my little Stanley Intellisensor. Together, we know you are neither evenly spaced nor perfectly plumb, and we find you anyway. It’s not expensive, it’s not fancy, but it works. I press a button, slide it along the wall, and faithful beeps of Eureka along with some little lights tell me where your edges are. I use this little tool in almost every job, and it hasn’t failed me yet.  I have replaced the battery perhaps once in three years.

Give it up, studs. You’re mine.

text and photo by Steve MacDonald

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Comments / Discussion

  1. ethan@OPC
    It's also nice when the stud finder can do wood, metal and electrical, but the standard wood one is a good start!
    November 12, 2010 at 9:01 am | Permalink
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