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Home Improvement for Cats0

If you’ve been following my articles on FIY, you know that I have a 25-pound cat named Buster.  The house that we live in right now isn’t very large and, being a cat, he gets bored sometimes.  I mean, c’mon, how many times can he get wedged behind the entertainment center?

The answer to that is three, so far.  Just thought you’d wanna know.

But should a cat live in a nicer house than the humans? 

In the interest of trying to improve Buster’s situation, I hit the Internet.  And I found this:

This is the Huge Cat Tree from GoPetClub.  Yup, practically bigger than where I sleep.   We could buy the Huge Cat Tree, but we’d have to build an addition.

Measuring in at a whopping 70″W x 18″L x 92″-106″H (with an adjustable pole that attaches to the ceiling), this sucker can sleep a whole family of cats – or two.  It has two sleeping houses, 2 baskets, 4 cradles, ladders, ropes, posts, faux fur covering – pretty much everything except for a built-in sound system and a swimming pool.

This thing is cat nirvana.  Right now all we have for Buster is a little bed (given to us by a friend) and a tunnel that he shoots through when he gets into what I term “Kitty Zoom Mode.”  He would love this thing.

It clocks in at $200.  And, we’re moving soon . . .  the new place is easily three times the size of our current home, so Buster might get lucky. 

Plus it may keep him from putting a dead lizard in our bed again.  That was nasty.  

Who’s got the cushier set up in your house – you or the pets? 

by John Barker

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