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Electricity and Water0

Water and electricity are a dangerous, often deadly, combination.  That’s why I found this picture a bit distressing:


This is the image on the splash page of the Wet Circuits Power Strip.  And I find it scary.

But before I go freaking out, let’s look a bit closer at this device.

Though not designed to operate underwater, the Wet Circuits Power Strip is made of a protective material that minimizes the flow of electricity when interacting with water.  This allows the device to handle such situations as minor flooding, accidental water spills, and wet hands.

The outlets are designed so that power does not start flowing into the inserted plug until it is 100% secure.  This minimizes accidental shocks (I just had that happen to me two days ago—zapped my hand good.)

The Wet Circuits Power Strip also contains a redundant system to prevent overheating, which includes not only a fuse, but also a circuit breaker that trips if the device hits between 221°F-239°F.

I was a bit dubious about these claims until I saw the videos.  And though they feel like they were lifted out of a Godzilla movie (you’ll see what I mean), they are quite informative:

Wet Circuits Experiment 1:


Wet Circuits Experiment 2:

Wet Circuits Experiment 3:

There are more, but you get the idea.

It appears to work—though I don’t think I have the cojones’ of the young lady in the videos.  I’ve been zapped a few too many times . . .

by John Barker

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