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Zillow Blog: Wondering what it would be like to have T-giving dinner at Lady Gaga’s house?  You can get a look inside her kitchen at Zillow Blog;  see also the kitchens of Justin Timberlake, Ricky Martin, Kelly Clarkson, and other celebs.  Not telling whose kitchen is previewed below. . . .

photo via Zillow Blog

CalFinder:  If looking at the kitchens of the rich and famous makes your own kitchen look dumpier than usual, head over to CalFinder for a good  summary of Remodeling Magazine‘s 2010 Cost vs Value Report.  Apparently, minor kitchen remodels can go a long way.   

A Carpenter’s View:  This new blog over at Fine Homebuilding,written by veteran framer and author Larry Haun, offers long philosophical essays written from the heart and mind of a thinking tradesman.  Looks like new posts go up every two weeks, but that’s OK, because these are not the kind of pieces that you whip through quickly.  One post begins by musing on what carpenters talk about on the job, and ends with this sentence:  “I realized that all my efforts, all my struggles, the reason for my existence, has been to do whatever was necessary to keep myself warm.”

photo: Dean Della Ventura via A Carpenter's View

Home Know it All:  Philosophy aside, this nuts and bolts blog  offers an important warning about using natural remedies for a clogged drain in combination with chemical drain cleaners – don’t do it! 


photo via The Home Know It All

Curbed:  Another newcomer to the vast and ever changing world of home improvement, real estate, and design blogs, described this way, in their very own words:  “If you frequent one of our city sites. . . . you’ll likely be aware of Curbed’s fascination with real estate porn in all its many glories. At Curbed National, we’re taking that fascination indoors—specifically, a focus all-things design, décor, and shelter, from Malibu dream houses to Wyoming ranches to Maine cabins, and all residences in between.”

by Lisa Oram

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