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Have you ever sneezed in the shower? 

Sure you have.  Even if you don’t want to admit it . . .you have.

But have you ever taken the snot and rubbed it all over your body as a cleaning agent? 

No?  Neither have I.


Really.  I haven’t.

However, I’m thinking the guys who came up with the  came up with the Nose Shower Gel Dispenser might have done a little snot body wash as part of their product research. 

At 9 inches high, it’s a bit larger than your standard human nose.  It attaches to the shower wall via suction cups. And it comes with a 5.3-ounces of shower gel – green shower gel to be exact.   

Most reviews of this schnoz have been quite positive, though there have been a few claims that it leaks.  I suppose that if it’s anything like my nose, jamming a piece of tissue up into it can cure that oozing.  But that might be a problem in shower – you could end up with green fake snot soap and disintigrated pieces of  tissue all over the place.

This nose runs (Get it?  Runs?  Ha!) about $19 plus shipping at Amazon.  That’s not bad for something that would surely be a conversation piece—if enough guests take a shower at your house, that is.

by John Barker

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