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Whiskey Barrel Floors0

Using reclaimed wood to make home flooring is not a new idea.  But I’ve never seen floors made of old oak whiskey barrels before.


Manufactured by McKay Flooring Limited of the United Kingdom, this type of flooring has become quite the sensation worldwide – particularly among whiskey producing countries such as the United States, Russia, Japan, and Denmark.

McKay has devised a way to take old whiskey barrels and straighten them into flat boards.  The wood comes in varying lengths and widths depending on the type of barrel reclaimed.  

Each package of flooring sells for  £199.00. At the time of this writing, that translates into 321.95 US dollars, which seems like a lot for less than 1 square meter of flooring (just over 10 feet, if my calculations are correct —I was never a mathematical whiz-kid).  Plus shipping.


But the big question is: Does it still smell like whiskey?  According to the manufacturer it retains a “very pleasant smell of oak and vanilla.”

I’m not a whiskey aficionado.  To me it feels like my throat is burning followed by the sensation that I just ate a tree.  But the smell of oak and vanilla does appeal to me.  It’s quite visually appealing as well.

Have you seen a unique type of reclaimed wood flooring material?  Let us know!

by John Barker

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