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Need an Extra Washing Machine?1

Having visitors this week for Thanksgiving? 

A big dinner or a few overnight houseguests will mean extra laundry.  And who wants to spend a holiday weekend doing laundry?  Especially after you’ve already spent most of the week cooking!

Sevin Coskun, a designer from Turkey, figured out how to slip an extra washer into your home – and maybe even encourage your guests to throw in their own towels and sheets on their way out the door. It’s called the Washup

And a bonus for the guys:  we can watch the laundry spin while we pee.  Just like in those fancy restaurants that put up a little TV above the urinal so we can check the score under the guise of using the men’s room.

Odd as it is,  this little washer is a really great idea.  Though it contains the traditional plumbing of a normal toilet, the Washup has a large water tank that stores the draining water from the washing machine, which can then be used to refill the toilet when flushed.

Note:  I said the washing water fills the toilet.  The toilet water doesn’t fill the washing machine – that would be gross.

The design makes sense—even if the computer-generated representations of use are kind of creepy (the woman in the first image looks like she’s doing something somewhat naughty, and the woman in the second pic is takin’ a leak while standing – and they both have their pants on.  What were they thinking?)

A Notable Entry at the 2008 Greener Gadgets Design Competition, the Washup is a smart, green solution to water usage,  though it’s not yet in production. 

The Washup would be a perfect addition to smaller houses and apartments, as it utilizes existing – and generally wasted – space.  Watching the laundry spin while urinating could be seen as entertaining.  And, maybe house guests would take a hint. 

What do you think – would you get one? 

by John Barker

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Comments / Discussion

  1. Dave
    That is a good idea. For the apartment and small house in washington DC area the house is too small need more closet space. Now they just need to how they can do a dryer like that.
    December 4, 2010 at 12:56 pm | Permalink
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