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How NOT to Deep Fry a Turkey0

I’ve lost track of how many turkeys I’ve deep-fried in my past.  Probably around 30 or so.  But I did my research first.  There are several precautions that are necessary when lowering something the size of two bowling balls into a cauldron of super-heated fluid.   And some serious consequences when you do it wrong. 

As you will see, some people simply don’t  pay attention to the details:

This is obviously a case of having too much oil in the pot, a situation that can be easily rectified.  First, place  the turkey into the pot (away from heat) and cover the turkey with water until it is completely immersed.  Then pull the turkey out, make sure it’s dry (you’ll see why momentarily), note how much water is in the pot, then empty and dry out the pot.  Then,  fill the pot with oil to the same level the water was after the turkey was removed, and then heat the oil to the correct temperature.  You will have no random fires near your gas line like this guy did.

He was extremely lucky, by the way.

Next, we have an example of how to properly submerge a turkey in boiling oil—followed by what happens when a turkey is still wet:

While no fire extinguisher was needed, this guy was lucky he wasn’t hurt.  And the guy sitting in the chair must be Superman or something, ‘cause he didn’t even twitch.

Lastly, here’s a great example of why you don’t fry a turkey in your home (or on your nice wooden deck) – and why a fire extinguisher is a good thing to have around:

Yep.  Say goodbye to that cool little pool bar, buddy.  That sucker’s gonna go up like the Hindenburg.  And I love how the first thing that he saves from the fire is a rake.  WTF?!?!

Maybe it was a gift from his wife or something . . .

So, if you’re frying a turkey today, be careful.  Keep yourself  and others around you safe, so you can all enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving day feast. 

by John Barker

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