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Piglet Bank0

I have some eclectic friends.  And they occasionally send me links to stuff that I could have never dreamed up on my own.  I have to thank my long-time buddy Obee for this one:


Okay?  Digest that image for a moment.  What you’re looking at is a piggy bank- made out of a taxidermied piglet .

Looking for a gift for the homeowner with everything?  This would definitely be a conversation piece in any home—though I’d hesitate to put it in a kid’s room as though it were a regular old penny collector.  I’d be afraid of walking in and finding the kid playing with it like some sort of action figure.  And I can definitely see a little girl dressing it up and inviting it to a tea party.

According to The, the Piglet Bank takes up to a year to “manufacture.”  They divide the payments in two (half up front, the other half when the bank is . . .well, no longer a piglet).   Apparently, they only use piglets that die of natural causes.  Wouldn’t want to go around go out slaughtering cute (and tasty) little animals just for the sake of conversation, would we?

Yes, it sounds appalling.  There are some people who love their animals so much that they have them stuffed and displayed in the living room next to the couch.  If you’re one of those people, this little piggy may go “Wee!” all the way home with you – for $4000.

For me . . . well, I’ll just see it when I visit.

by John Barker

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