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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Danger Bomb Alarm Clock0

If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time waking up in the morning (in my case it’s usually 4:30 AM — gotta get up to feed 240 kids at three different schools.) I can safely say that the alarm blaring incessantly at me is the worst part of my day— except on days my van [...]

Potty Putter0

Is it just me, or is this a disturbing mental image? 

Tool Tip: Screwdrivers0

Even if Robertson and Phillips are just two nondescript surnames to you, you’ve got a screwdriver or two somewhere. Everyone does. Sitting in junk drawers or laundry room cupboards in every house out there, the most basic of tools needs no introduction.

Outdoor Furniture for the Eskimo in You0

If you are still digging out from this weekend’s blizzard in the Northeast, maybe this Eskimo Outdoor Furniture, will appeal to you.  Elegant and comfortable, with this furniture, you can have your own little igloo – all year round.  It’s made of weatherproof wicker over a rustproof aluminum frame and stands 60 inches high,  70 inches wide, and 38 inches deep.    [...]

Internet Tools: How to Build a Coffee Table0

Ever since I laid eyes on the coffee table made by my very adept brother-in-law, I’ve wanted to make my own.  And while I’m a decent artist, I suck at woodwork (unless it comes in a kit – then I’m pretty good - but then again, who isn’t?). So, maybe since I’m off work this week, maybe I’ll pull out [...]

Whadja Get??0

Were you naughty or nice this year?  Did you get any good gear from Santa?  Any cutting edge tools?  The latest hot potato for the kitchen or living room?  Who is happier – you or your house? 

GIVEAWAY: Congratulations, Gayle!0

 Gayle Christie, you’re the winner!

Moveable Glass Walls0

  When I was a kid in elementary school, sliding partitions made of vinyl acted as the walls that separated the rooms.  Teachers could combine classes easily – just  flick a lock and then push the wall to the side.

Strange House Pets0

Junior wants a puppy for Christmas?  OK.  But how ’bout something a little more original?

Tool Tip: Drywall Saw0

Looking for a surprise addition to a DIYer’s stocking?  You can try your luck at winning a $20 gift card to Home Depot, but. . .  

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