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Fence Window for the Dogs in Your Life0

Dogs are curious creatures.  They love knowing what’s going on all around them—mainly so they can bark and get all crazy/happy or aggressive/scary.

But picture being a dog, trapped behind a giant wooden fence.  Sure, you have the whole back yard to run around in,  but all day long, all you see is the same green grass.   Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little window to see what all of the fuss and noise is on the other side of the fence?

The Dog Peek won’t fit into Spot’s stocking by the fire, but it will fit under the tree.  And will it give your home more value?  Not sure, but it will give your beloved pet a whole new lease on life.  And that’s what matters most – right?  It’s his home, too.   

Though it looks like a cross between an underwater diving apparatus and a space suit, the Dog Peek is a slick little improvement in quality of life for the doggy set.

Installation is easy, too.  Simply measure out a properly sized hole, saw the hole out of the fence, and mount the acrylic dome into place with four screws.  At $25.00, it’s a small price to make your dog happy.

I kind’a like this idea, though the thought of some giant, pissed-off guard dog slathering the inside of the dome with drool while attempting to gnaw its way to my throat doesn’t sit easy with me.  Maybe some good judgement concerning the type of dog that is best suited for the Dog Peek is necessary before purchasing . . .

Has anyone used or seen one of these?  What are they like?  Please tell us in the comments below. 

by John Barker

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