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iPod Docking Station for the Bathroom0




Yup –  just what it looks like.  A toilet paper holder with an Ipod docking station built into it, conveniently called the Ipod Roll Holder.

This sucker offers some high-end sound for its size, featuring two tweeters and two woofers.  It mounts easily to the wall via two screws (included).  An AC adapter is included as well to charge the eight-hour battery.  And if you want to take the whole contraption with you, simply lift it off of the screw mounts.

At first I thought that was one of the dumbest things I’d ever seen.  Then I started thinking about it . . .

It’s not much different than taking a book with you to the can. What if you’re listening to an audio book and get to a really good part?  Now you don’t have to stop.   Of course, it might be a good idea to bring along your earphones.

Then there’s the ability to take it on camping or road trips.  The portable nature of this gadget makes it a fine, mobile little multi-tasker, particularly if you want to broadcast to all around you which tree you’ve gone behind to poop.

But the primary reason that this is a cool little device was right in front of my stupid face and I didn’t even see it: music for when you’re in the shower.  Remember those lame shower radios?  This is just as good, and even better because it completely solves the whole problem of dousing expensive electronics with water!

It’s on my Christmas list. 

Or better yet – maybe I’ll buy it for my girlfriend, and then I can listen, too.  But don’t tell.  OK?

by John Barker

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