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Gift Guide: 5 Ideas for the DIY Dad0

I’m not a huge fan of the “festive” holiday season.  It stresses me out. 

Even so, maybe I can be of some help to others who want to retain their sanity while clawing through the millions of items available for purchase as gifts.  The five gifts below are good choices for any handy Dad on your list.  

1.  Wenger 16999 Giant Swiss Army Knife



I think it’s a good bet that your guy could be the first one on the block to have one of these.  Yes – and it would be a drastic understatement to say that this thing is ridiculous.  I mean, come on!  How many things do you need on one army knife? 

At ten inches wide, is it a pocket knife – or a tiny tool box? 

If your guy has EVERYTHING - and you have a grand to spare - get him 86 implements with 141 functions, all in one little red package.    

2.  Letherman Skeletool


Or, you can go the opposite direction.

At just 5 ounces, the Letherman Skeletool is the lightest multi-tool on the market. It’s got high function and an abundance of tool options without weighing down the fast moving hand.  And at $64.95, it won’t break your wallet.

3.  Bosch DLR165K Laser Distance Measuring Device


Not into multi-tools?  This little gadget is the world’s smallest digital range finder—only four inches tall.  It can measure in length, area, and volume and offers four measuring reference points (back, front, a swing-out extension for measuring from inside corners, and a center point from a tripod).

Pretty nifty for just shy of $200, eh?

4.   Stanley Consumer Storage 020800R FatMax 4-in1 Mobile Work Station for Tools and Parts



If your Dad is anything like mine, you’ll know that there can never be enough places to keep tools.  For $99, this unit is quite a deal.

A unique rolling tool storage system, this baby converts into a work station, and the design allows for all four storage areas to be accessed at the same time.

5.  Waterproof Pool Table

At the end of the day, after all that fixin’ and doin’ it yourself,  Dad needs to relax.  And if you really, really love him, you can plop down $6,500 for a floating pool table.  Custom made and professionally installed.   

So, which one of these would be best for the FIY Dad in your life?  If not these, what great gifts have you dug up that we should all know about? 

by John Barker

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