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Tool Tip: Reciprocating Saw0

Ah, the impulse tool purchase.

With my reciprocating saw, I was guilty as charged to my debit card. You’ve been there. Something’s on sale, and it just seems wrong to walk by any power tool at that price. That I had nothing at all that needed to be sawed, much less reciprocatedly so, was entirely beside the point. 

Of course, now I wonder how I ever got along without it my compact Mastercraft, the store brand from Canadian Tire. The trigger pressure variable speed is nice, and the blade is easy to switch out. It works through whatever I need it to in a hurry, like a wall of studs that were rotting from the bottom up. If I were putting one on my wish list again, I’d go cordless, and serious demolition jobs would probably benefit from a larger model. But for a basic cut where exact measurements or angles aren’t critical, this little saw and I get along just fine.

Anyone else out there got one of these?  How do you use it?   

photo and text by Steve MacDonald

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