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Swan Furniture0

There’s the Swann Lounge at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia,

Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia > Swann Lounge > A baby grand piano, comfortable couches and marble-topped tables are the signature of the Swann Lounge.

and then there’s this kind of a Swan Lounge


Where would you rather be? 

Maybe that’s harsh, but if you’re the large-swan-outdoor-furniture-type, at least put the thing in your backyard pond, rather than the middle of the yard!

photo via flicker, joeshlabotnik

See what I mean?  And yes, I know that the swan in this picture isn’t a lounge, but it’s about the same size and has seats in it, so that counts for something.

Made of weatherproof rattan fiber, the Swan lounge is definitely eye-catching.  The funny thing is that the swan portions are optional—so then you just have a lounge, which seems like it would be a lot better, but that sort’a defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

The cushions are available in black, brown, or silver.  

They sell it with sales tax in Florida, which makes me think it’s made in Florida, which means maybe I could get one with free shipping. 

What do you  think?  Should I?  Maybe swans are the new pink flamingo. . .  

by John Barker

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