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Tool Tip: Hammer Drill0



I don’t own a hammer drill, but I long to.

When I needed to replace a wall plate in our concrete basement, I rented one similar to the above from Home Depot. (enter our Home Depot gift card giveaway) It was my first time hammer drilling – but hopefully not my last. Truthfully, I kind of hope the basement in our next house will be unfinished, so I have to frame it, therefore justifying a hammer drill purchase. Basically, the hammer drill works by pounding the bit thousands of time a minute against the concrete as you drill. It pushed a masonry bit through the stud and the concrete like a knife through a sandwich. Its 8.5 amp motor sucks a little power, so the AC cord was a small price to pay, as was the secure keyed chuck to keep that bit in place. It’s a little heavier than a typical drill but not overly so, and the two-finger trigger on Home Depot’s model was also comfortable to use. On this small job, I hardly needed it, but the additional handle halfway down would be good for more serious drilling. Oh well… maybe next time.

 by Steve MacDonald

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