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Strange House Pets0

Junior wants a puppy for Christmas?

OK.  But how ’bout something a little more original?

I can sort of understand the appeal of having strange house pets.  I’ve known people who have owned snakes, large lizards, and ferrets.  Hell, even I’ve had parrots before (one that constantly tried to rip my eyeballs out—I no longer have anything other than my 25-pound floppy cat, Buster).

But I can’t quite wrap my head around why someone would keep something in their house that could kill them at any moment:


Sure, he’s cute as a button now.  But one day that family might come home and find a little, puffy gray tail sticking out of that tiger’s mouth and gallons of blood and bone splattered all over the living room.  That will be the day that they need to reevaluate the scenario . . .

Next we have what is possibly the most bizarre house pet ever:

I remember seeing photographs of Jessica the tame hippo sleeping in a bed—but the pictures didn’t do justice to just how large this critter is.  Note the sparseness of their living space; no blown glass collectibles in sight.

The owners are a retired gamekeeper and his wife (Tonie and Shirley Joubert), so they have some experience with wildlife.  But if memory serves me correctly, hippos are considered one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet (right there with polar bears).  I’m not sure a lifetime of experience is enough to deal with something like that.

The final video involves animals that probably wouldn’t go out of the way to kill you.  They might accidentally knock you over and tread on you (or maybe bite), but—as far as I know—these guys don’t actively harm humans:

This scene is from Giraffe Manor, a major tourist attraction located on 140 acres of forest just outside of Nairobi, Kenya.  It offers elegant accommodations, fine dining, and the experience to getting very close to indigenous wildlife (obviously).

And while I can’t say that the giraffes are necessarily house pets, you have to admit that this is about as “in the house” as a critter can get:

I don’t think I could dine like that; I’d constantly be waiting for a giant tongue to lick all of the food off of my plate . . .

So, what do you think – would you live with a giraffe?  Do you already have wierd house pet?  Or one you wish you had?  Tell us all about it in the comments  below.

by John Barker

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