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Tool Tip: Drywall Saw0

Looking for a surprise addition to a DIYer’s stocking?  You can try your luck at winning a $20 gift card to Home Depot, but. . .  

nothing says festive like a drywall saw. It’s not that there’s anything amazing about the tool – it’s just handy, and I never thought of it until I wished I’d had one after a rough drywall repair job. I picked one up next time I was at the hardware store for about $10, and I’ve used it on every drywall job (new or repair) since. The tool is made for cutting small piece of damaged drywall out of a wall, or for shapes like light fixtures or wall sockets, where score-and-snap along a straight line won’t work. The bladed tip, with a gentle tap, pushes through existing drywall, then the teeth easily saw around the piece you’re replacing. You get nice clean seams to tape and fill on the replacement piece, and ultimately a stronger replacement.

And hey, you’ve probably got a turkey to carve.

photo and text by Steve MacDonald

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