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Moveable Glass Walls0


When I was a kid in elementary school, sliding partitions made of vinyl acted as the walls that separated the rooms.  Teachers could combine classes easily – just  flick a lock and then push the wall to the side.

The NanaWalloperates on the same principle — for the home.  Touted as a “vanishing glass wall system,” the device blurs the lines between interior and exterior space.  At first glance, NanaWalls look like a floor-to-ceiling set of glass windows.  In truth, they are unique folding systems that can open  up to 36 feet in width.  The opening can be straight across or curved. 

 The panel frames are available in aluminum, wood, or an aluminum/wood combination.

These videos, which are the kind of  infomercial I watch when hit with a bout of insomnia, do a pretty good job of showing the diversity of the NanaWall:

Since I’m a Florida boy, I can’t quite tolerate the idea of opening up my entire living room to sub-arctic temperatures.  The beach video makes a little bit more sense to me.  The point is that the NanaWall can be used to open up space in any climate.  Dessert, city, backyard…  The NanaWall renders your house seamless with the outside —but I wouldn’t recommend it if your backyard is a car on cinder blocks and an old refrigerator sitting next a mosquito breeding area that used to be a swimming pool.  Better to simply pour concrete over the whole thing  and pretend it belongs to your neighbor . . . .

While I’m not sure I’ll ever be in the tax bracket to purchase something like the NanaWall, I admire the concept.  And while I love the idea of one day walking out onto the balcony of my Swiss mansion to gaze upon snowcapped mountains, I shudder to imagine the heating bill.

by John Barker

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