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Tool Tip: Screwdrivers0

Even if Robertson and Phillips are just two nondescript surnames to you, you’ve got a screwdriver or two somewhere. Everyone does. Sitting in junk drawers or laundry room cupboards in every house out there, the most basic of tools needs no introduction.

But sometimes, do we take the basic screwdriver for granted? With so many multi-tool, multi-tip, replace-the-bit models on the market – many of them are good, don’t get me wrong – let’s not forget the value of a basic set of one-piece screwdrivers. Rather than fumble with tips and bits, it’s easier and quicker to reach for the color-coded tip of the one you need – from a set like the one above, from Stanley Hand Tools. With two sizes each of standard, Philips and Robertson tips, it’ll cover most screwnails out there, and the comfortable grips and well-built tips mean solid turns with fewer slips. One of those ones with all the bits rattling around the handle is just fine in the kitchen junk drawer – but when you’re building a toolbox, start it with a good set of screwdrivers.

photo and text by Steve MacDonald

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