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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Bucket Love0 Hauling around a bucket of sand de-icing the driveway and sidewalks is really getting old right now. Winter has outworn its welcome around our house.   

Best Home Improvement Blogs1

Boo, hoo.  We didn’t get to the next round in the Homies.  But we’re good sports, and we want to send our congratulations to all the finalists.  Plus, if you take a look over at AT, you’ll see an amazing list of blogs that were nominated.

Living in a National Monument0

 The edifice you see above is La Grande Arche de la Défense in the business district of Paris, France.  The product of a design competition in 1982 (and completed in 1989), this 361-foot tall nearly perfect cube is the home of government offices on two sides.  The roof housed an exhibition center until an elevator [...]

5 Great Apps for Home Improvement0

The best multi-tasking tool out there?  Your phone! Check out these free or low cost apps for your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch that you can carry with you wherever you go. 

Garden Gloves You’ll Actually Wear0

The garden is still deep under snow where I live, and another storm may be on the way. Still, I am dreaming up my first tasks for mud season.

Nominate Us for a Homie Award from Apartment Therapy0

Yes, this is shameless self-promotion.  We want a Homie Award from Apartment Therapy.  You can nominate us here, and if we make the first cut, you can vote for us next week.  Stay tuned.  And thank you, loyal readers and fans!

How to Repair a Leaky Outdoor Faucet0

Is it just normal wear and tear when products that were installed at the same time begin to fail at the same time?  Not one but three of our 10-year old faucets began dripping incessantly this fall within weeks of each other.  Once over the irritation of three separate repair projects, I was grateful that [...]

Lobo Chairs2

  These are known as Lobo chairs.  I’m not sure how they garnered that moniker. 

How is Cement Made?2

Cement is everywhere – and we hardly notice it.  Sorta like dog doo, we don’t think about the cement under our feet, until we’ve stepped in a fresh pile.  

Pizza Boss Pizza Cutter0

Looking for a manly way to slice your pizza?  A gift for the tool freak in your life?  If so, the wacky folks at Fred & Friends  have just the thing for you! 

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